Mentoring Into Work

Thanks to the Social Innovation Grant Funding from the Department of Communities Growing Towards Wellness (GTW) was enabled to run an alternative recovery model for people with a mental illness.

The focus of the work program is on horticulture and the environment, providing training, support and mentoring for individuals with a mental illness in the Busselton, Bunbury, Mandurah, Rockingham and Fremantle areas.

GTW further developed the ‘Mentoring Into Work’ phase of its program provision to create work based teams in addition to the community based training teams, creating a connection from engaging in training to engaging in industry based work through a supported employment program.

The GTW project extended to bring a ‘Mentoring Into Work’ team into the hospital psychiatric inpatient population and ward at Mimidi Park Adult Mental Health Unit, Rockingham Hospital.
Mentoring Into Work media release